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    Welcome to the Leech Lair. The Official Home of all things Annelida.


Las Vegas Mathcore act Annelida burst into the heavy music scene with their debut EP  "Lord Leech"in January of 2021. Touring the west coast in their first year  and the midwest in their second all while releasing four music videos since the bands inception, it was apparent early that the groups ambitious work habits combined with their stand out sound and li ve production would give them some attention. Early press for the band was quoted "Annelida is the band that crashed the party they were not invited too, then suddenly became the life of it " . So basically what I said but better. 

After a couple years of touring the Lord Leech EP, Annelida signed with Manic Kat Records in 2024 releasing their first single in two years "Mind"Eraser". with plans of an LP  later in the year.  

Kevin Diamond- Guitar Vocals 

Jacob Ehler- Bass Vocals

Charlie Nicholson- Drums


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